Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh dear...

Turns out my inexperience has once again been my downfall. I have constructed this model quite badly. Because of the shapes I've used to construct this when we come to animate there will be hella lots of distortion. So I'll have to start again right?

Wrong! We're going to cheat! Yeah!

So we're going to use a ready made model then alter it to make it into a swamp monster. I'm making the robot arm, Perri is doing the rest.

Because an artificial arm needs to work without distortion/painting weights etc I've made it with joints that would actually work. I used the robot arms found on assembly lines as reference and made this:

James can rig this right away, which is good.

My next job is lighting. I've got to get it exactly right in order to make the creature look like he belongs in the world with the runner.

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