Sunday, February 13, 2011


OK, Low poly done, gonna give it to Perri and she's gonna sculpt the shit out of it, as she already knows how to use mudbox. I'm gonna make a couple more low poly versions in order to get a good tutorial made for our other project. Take a goddamn look, yo

Now you're probably looking at these and thinking to yourself "gosh this chap is sexy". And my response to that is that you're a sick bastard. Also, you may be noticing that the left non robotic arm is lower than the robot arm, I did that because I heard that it puts less stress on organic joints to pose them in a more natural position as opposed to the traditional t pose. Not sure if it's true, but it kind of makes sense, as if you think about it, holding an arm up like in a t pose would require a fair amount of muscle work... Didn't worry about it with the robot arm as metal doesn't have muscle deformation.

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