Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well gosh! A lot has happened in the last few weeks! Perhaps I should have written this blog while things were still fresh in my mind... Oh well!

OK, so first thing's first... That model we were going to use? Not going to work unfortunately. Too many problems. Perri made additions to it directly in Maya which looked fine static, but as soon as the model was textured and rigged things started to go wrong. What this means for me is that the arm I made isn't going to be in the final film. Nor is any of the model that Perri made. As the issues that arose aren't really related to my work I won't go too far in to specifics, but basically what this means is that I have to make the lighting bloody good or else it's going to look like I've not done any work.

Will had been working hard on the storyboard and animatic so we knew pretty much what we needed to film. We'd all gone and looked at various places to figure out where had all the features we needed to make this film. Will and I went to Shoredich, because I knew that we'd find some interesting scenery and we'd be able to find quiet spots to film where no one would walk in shot. I took some photos:

I guess when I said "I took some photos" What I meant was "I'm going to post 50 photographs now, only to talk about how we're not even going to use this location straight afterwards". Yeah, Shoredich is kinda cool, but there's nothing interesting for the freerunner to interact with. Luckily the other guys went out and found Kilburn Park, which turned out to be pretty much perfect.

So we went out and filmed. I directed the acting while Nat directed cinematography. I make out like there were clearly defined roles, but to be fair it was pretty much a group effort. I just made sure our actor (Richard) knew what he was doing and was able to convey what needed to be conveyed. It's pretty hard pretending there's a monster there when there clearly isn't. We'd almost got all the shots we needed when one of the locals said he wasn't happy with us filming anymore so we had to leave without the final shot. But this was ok, because Nat was going to create the environment digitally and we'd just put Richard in later using green screens. We were using pretty much entirely static shots at this point, so the green screening would give us an opportunity to do some motion tracking too.

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