Monday, March 28, 2011

So another project comes to an end...

Firstly, I'm going to say how good it was to work on a project that actually got done ahead of schedule.  We had a properly stress free hand in that mostly consisted of hanging out in a pub. It's helped me realize the importance of planning. You've got to add in time for things going wrong, which they invariably will. We had a bunch of problems here and there but we quickly moved on and found solutions. That's probably the most important thing I've learned actually, you should try to focus on what can be gained from trying a new approach as opposed to dwelling on the time and effort wasted on an idea that isn't going anywhere. Obviously I spent a fair amount of time on the model at the beginning, but what we gained by using a pre made model far outweighed the loss.

The techniques I've learned for modelling will inform my next project, there are quite a few approaches I'd like to try out and they should result in a lot less geometry issues to the methods I've been using so far. I think you often learn more from failure than from success...

I'm definitely more comfortable with using lights after this project, but I'd like an opportunity to stretch myself, perhaps something more dynamic or contrasting. I'll do some experiments over the coming weeks and see what I can come up with.

I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't in After Effects. Using motion blur was necessary in this project to make everything look like it fit in with the rest, but I've definitely learned that motion blur takes a bloody long time to render.

My work flow has improved somewhat, but that's definitely something that needs further work. I'm going to keep working over this break in order to keep the habit up.

I need to be more precise with my blockouts when compositing...

I'll have to work closer with the sound technician next time so that if last minute changes need to be made it won't be an issue. To be fair to Mattheu, it's his dissertation week so he didn't have an awful lot of time and he did a great job all things considered.

I'm pretty happy with how this came out anyway, all in all.

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